Our Vision

We want our church culture to be uncluttered and uncomplicated so we have space in our lives to welcome and make room for people.
We want to ensure we have quality time to listen to God and be with other people.

Northreach LifestyleNorthreach Lifestyle

In simple terms this means:

GATHER: We sing to God, listen to Bible teachers, enjoy each other’s company and welcome new people.

GROW: We each belong to a Small Group that looks upward to God in prayer and Bible study, inward to each other for friendship and outward to the community with practical service.

GIFTED: We each discover and use our giftedness in teams. Making a difference both on Sundays and during the week.

GO: Each one of us seeks to reach our friends with the good news of Jesus and serve them in ways that matter.

Northreach Journey

Making disciples together as a church

The Door-2-Door Process

Jesus said, “Go into all the world and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19).

The job of leading people to Christ and the bringing them to fruitful maturity is the responsibility of every believer. But it’s a job that’s too big for any one of us alone. It is a group effort.

To do this well, we need a lot of teamwork and organisation. What we’ve mapped out below is our ‘Door-2-Door’ Process; the journey that people take within Northreach. We all both participate in that process and contribute to it. We are the body of Christ.

Northreach Lifestyle flowchart