Life Groups

What are Life Groups?

Life Groups have been called Home Groups, Cell Groups or similar things through the years. Our groups have a focus on being a group of friends who learn and grow together in our Christian faith.

Why are Life Groups needed?

Our church is fairly large so Life Groups give an opportunity for people of the church to be encouraged and helped on a personal level. It really does become a small familiar part of the larger church.

Why you should join a Life Group?

Life Groups allow the following to happen:

  • to be cared for and supported in our every day lives
  • to share of ourselves and become a carer of others
  • to grow friendship stronger with other Christians
  • for our knowledge of and faith in Christ to grow

If you are interested in joining a life group in your area call the church on 47232371 or talk to one of the pastors at our church on Sunday.